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First there is contact - over phone, face to face or via email, the web and a webcam. People get in touch with me for many reasons. Sometimes they have heard of my tapping technique and manifesting good things, sometimes they want to change things within themselves, for instance, their thought patterns, the way they respond to reoccurring situations, some have traumatic memories needing to be understood differently, in a way that they can cope with, some want their astrological charts read, some their whole family read and some perspective partners. Whatever the reason it starts from there and then grows.

If the initial appointment is for EFT to change a habit, a way of life, a response to a situation, then an appointment is made discuss the issue and its severity. There will be a teaching of the tapping technique and a beginning session. Sometimes an issue goes away in one session but depending on the severity, depending on the triggers you have within your life that keeps initiating your response depends on how much work is going to be required of you. Work is just a term because if you are ready to get rid of something, change something, manifest something then each session is exciting, brings growth and unique understanding as to why you respond in a certain way. Your favourite subject should be yourself.. I say the dreaded ward 'should'. Anyway all it is is a response, a mirror, a consequence. Remove, add or change anything and the result will be different. It depend how big a result you want. As you begin to experience and understand the changes you are making you will want to continue. Some people are worried they won't stick to it. That is possible, but if you know this about yourself already then we can tap to help that too. You can always request a astrological reading to health understand that about you too. All my techniques work together to help assist and and bring a level of personal understand and know 'thyself'. They don't necessarily have to go hand in hand and can work independently.. it's all about you and what we find works for you. You might be surprise with the answer and the direction you take. There is a reason you are coming to me and not someone else, and that we should both trust.

If it's for a astrological reading then I like/need the hour, month and year of birth to proceed. A reading can be done without the hour (sometimes it is just impossible to obtain) but certain information will not be revealed within the chart without the hour. In these circumstances I explain that straight away. Readings are set up differently. We will discuss what it is you want from the reading to ascertain what type of reading you require. An appointment is made of we go from there. I say off we go because Chinese astrology is very different from other forms in that it can supply solutions to overcome difficulties. These solutions come in various forms. Feng Shui, a change of attitude towards a person or situation, a timing factor to correct or commence something, health corrections. Sometimes extended guidance is needed and here my other techniques can play a big part in overcoming a problem.

As for the Essential Oils I use, these are chosen specifically to elicit a answer in whatever ailment you have i.e health or emotional, relive an immediate pain, support the healing of a chronic illness, release emotional built up and tension so many things can be helped with the use of the correctly chosen oil.. I also like you to support yourself though whatever process you are are going through and will know doubt recommend some oils at some point. I will say I have never found any EOs to work like Be Youngs. I have heard and read about some many miraculous things that came from essential oil application, in halation, ingestion etc but I have never received a response worth my investigative time until I experienced Be Young products and the wealth of knowledge that comes from it's founder Dana Clay. In addition to the support you can get from the oils I also do 2 techniques called EAT and PAT that I learnt from Dana Clay. EAT is an emotional release technique and the PAT is an investigation as to where an ailment is coming from and what oils will assist its healing or relief.

Sometimes what you initially come to me for changes and involves.. this is part of 'it' - the changing, the transforming into something much 'more', something or somebody you feel comfortable with and dare I say like and enjoy spending time with - YOURSELF.

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