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Justine BartleywoodJustine Bartleywood has lived in East Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland and the US. A former diplomat fascinated by human nature, she searched worldwide for the answers to optimum living and spent over 20 years studying:


  • Tibetan Buddhism attending the 2003 Rigpe Dorge Winter Program on "The Four Hundred Verses on the Middle Way" by Aryedeva at Pullahari Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Reiki Mastery under the excellent tutoring of Margaretha Winzenried in Nairobi, Kenya and Bern, Switzerland
  • The Journey Practitioners Course taught by the famous author and healer Brandon Bays in London, England
  • Advanced Psychic Development at The College for Psychic Studies, London, UK
  • Five Element Acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine Reading, UK
  • BaZi Astrology and Feng Shui under both Master Donna Collins and Master Joey Yap of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics based in Malaysia
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) under Dr Garland Landrith

One of her joys is helping people arrive at a place of peace, knowing and honouring the wonderful complicated humans that we all are. A natural counsellor, she teaches through compassion and humour, so you may truly "Just Know Thy Self".

Many times in life, it appears like life takes over's it becomes the driver. This happens as we take on too much, we change ourselves to become what others or society wants, we are too critical of what we have not done, and don't honour what we have achieved. The techniques I have honed my skills in are all about changing one's perspective about oneself. They are about honouring who you really are, accepting that we all make mistakes, and through living and loving we will eventually hurt someone we care about. The shame, the hurt, and the secrets eat at us and stop us from realizing our potential. It's amazing what burdens we will layer over our souls. We expect to have understanding and forgiveness for others, but what about the forgiveness for ourselves, the one who is really hurting. Are we not the most important? Should we not honour and cherish ourselves first?

The simple reason for this destructive behaviour is that our brains are pre-programmed to respond to life with innate protection mechanisms or patterns. Unfortunately these protection mechanisms often do their job so well that we find we can't change. We want to, but we can't. People talk about will power having it or not having it as being the secret to succeeding. But how can you ever get "it" if you have brain pathways that were set a long time ago, and are still firing to respond to triggers in your adult life. Brain pathways that were established when you were a child are now responding to an adults life. If your brain is constantly firing these old brain pathways, without you even realizing it, then aren't you spending a lot of time battling these old emotional responses and thoughts? These are debilitating if you are trying to create the life of your dreams.

First, you have to find someone who resonates with you, someone interested in you, and someone who is intuitive and willing to put the thought in that it takes to help you. Someone who recognizes the pathways that are firing and preventing you from having the life you want. It could be a core issue that you might not have even given any thought to which prevents something wonderful from occurring. Then you go about rewiring your response to the emotional trigger. It's after this, when you feel a tangible shift, that you can honestly obtain that illusive "will power" that people talk about to change your life. When this shift occurs, many changes can take place and opportunities arise to assist you on your chosen path as if by magic. In essence, "ask and you will receive" is when manifesting really begins. But you have to get to the core of what is stopping you first. Otherwise, it is a lot of asking in vain, which in turn is frustrating and self-defeating.

Which therapy/treatment is best for you? That depends on the ailment. I work on an intuitive level at all times because when I do that, I can understand what you or your body is trying to tell me even if you aren't sure.

Do I use one technique? Not necessarily. Change is a process and as you change so can the technique that best suits you. Manifesting and changing you is a process, not something that happens overnight. It's about subtle changes going on underneath, and manifesting what you want on the top. As you change and become more confident, you let go of doubts, and you let creation happen. That can happen overnight!

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